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Cùng Toppy tìm hiểu chủ đề ” Weather ” trong bộ từ vựng của 20 Topic thường xuất hiện trong kỳ thi IELTS Speaking. Toppy update hàng ngày cho các bạn trong thời gian tới. Các bạn nhớ theo dõi và học tập cùng Toppy nhé.

Sau đây Toppy gửi các bạn list từ vựng ,idioms dành cho các bạn luyện thi IELTS band 8.0 . Hãy cùng Toppy học nhé !

Truy cập Toppy để tìm hiểu thêm thông tin về các khóa học Luyện thi SATLuyện thi IELTS và nhận bài test miễn phí.

IELTS Weather Vocabulary

  • to be below freezing: dưới mức đóng băng
  • bitterly cold: lạnh ngắt ( rất lạnh )
  • a blanket of snow: một lớp tuyết phủ đầy
  • boiling hot: siêu nóng
  • changeable: thay đổi thường xuyên ( thời tiết)
  • a change in the weather: thay đổi thời tiết
  • clear blue skies: trời quang không có mây
  • to clear up: khi mây và mưa biến mất
  • to come out (the sun): khi mặt trời xuất hiện trên bầu trời nhiều mây
  • a cold spell: một thời gian ngắn của thời tiết lạnh
  • to dress up warm: mặc ấm
  • a drop of rain: hạt mưa 
  • a flash flood: lũ quét
  • freezing cold: lạnh cóng
  • to get caught in the rain: mắc mưa
  • to get drenched: ướt đẫm
  • heatstroke: say nắng
  • a heatwave: sốc nhiệt
  • heavy rain: mưa nặng hạt
  • long-range forecast: dự báo thời tiết trong khoảng thời gian dài
  • mild climate: khí hậu ôn hòa
  • mild winter: mùa đông đặc biệt lạnh
  • not a cloud in the sky: = clear blue skies
  • to pour down: mưa to
  • to be rained off: bị hủy do mưa hoặc thời tiết xấu
  • sunny spells: khoảng thời gian nắng ngắn
  • thick fog: sương mù dày đặc
  • torrential rain = heavy rain : Mưa xối xả
  • tropical storm: Bão nhiệt đới
  • weather forecast: Dự báo thời tiết

Thông qua các ví dụ dưới đây các bạn sẽ hiểu hơn về cách sử dụng các cụm từ trong bài nói của mình nhé.

Part 1-style questions

Examiner: What’s the weather like in your country?
Katie: It’s quite changeable really … we have periods of time with clear blue skies then all of a sudden we’ll have torrential rain.

Examiner: Which months have the best weather in your country?
Ernst: Well … I suppose it’s a matter of personal taste really … I like it around the end of October and November … I’m not fond of the heatwaves we often get during the summer … it’s not freezing cold during these months and we still get lots of sunny spells.

Examiner: Does it bother you much when it rains?
Junko: It depends … if I get caught in the rain and I get drenched I don’t like it … but I’m a gardener so a drop of rain is good for my plants.

Part 2-style task

Describe a time when you experienced extreme weather conditions. You should say

  • when this was
  • where you were
  • what the weather was like

and say how you felt about the experience.

I was studying English in a language school a few years ago … we were in Cornwall in the UK … we’d been enjoying lovely sunny days … not a cloud in the sky … when all of a sudden there was a change in the weather … we were in town walking around the shops when it started to pour down … I’d never seen such heavy rain before … within about 10 minutes the roads were full of water … I think they call it a flash flood … it was like being in the middle of a tropical storm … the water was almost up to my knees … the weather forecast hadn’t predicted it so everyone was taken by surprise … I’m not sure you could call it ‘extreme’ weather as a few hours later it started to clear up … the sun came out and slowly the water level went down … but a lot of people’s houses were flooded so it would have been extreme for them … I found it all quite exciting … in my country we generally have a very mild climate and don’t often get floods like this so it was quite an experience for me.

Part 3-style questions

Examiner:  Do you think the weather affects how people feel?
Tierre: Absolutely … yes … I don’t mind the occasional cold spell but I think the winter months can make you feel down. I hate having to leave the house in the winter … there’s often a thick fogevery morning and we sometimes get bitterly cold winds … the winter certainly makes me feel a little depressed … though having said that … it’s always nice to see the town covered in a blanket of snow.

Examiner: Do you think the weather is changing due to global warming?
Ceri: I don’t know if it’s due to global warming or not but the weather in my country is certainly changing … we’ve been getting quite mild winters lately … the temperatures are sometimes below freezing but only occasionally … and then during the summer it can get boiling hot with a lot of older people even suffering from heatstroke.

Examiner: In which ways are weather forecasts useful?
Sinita: Well … if you’re planning a trip or going on holiday it’s important to know whether you’ll need to dress up warm or take an umbrella … farmers need to know what the long-range forecast is so they can plan their work … I suppose people who organise outside events need to know as well in case things get rained off.

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